An update to The Company’s Coming Gluten Free Cookbook

I recently told you about my cookbook woes and how after a letter to the author about being concerned with availabilty of ingredients. In this post here .  I received a second response from author Ted Wolff here it is with substitute values for the hard to find ingredients.  I hope you find this helpful!

Good Afternoon

You have been patiently waiting for some news on the
availability and the replacement possibilities of pea ingredients used in the GF Baking Book. We did not get any streamlined or automated consistent information for shipping costs across Canada and into various locations. But see below estimated shipping costs for certain suggested shipping weights.

I am still in discussion with several distribution channels to see whether I can get these products into the market again or to see whether we can find affordable shipping ways.
I did bake the recipes in the book with alternatives, and the replacement recipes are really good too, but not quite the same, but close enough. So if you want to replace them now, I am suggesting the following:
Note for Ingredient Substitution

( Not exactly the same recipes, but fairly close)

Pea Fiber 80:
1/2 the amount cellulose fiber or soy fiber and 1/2 the amount Inulin fiber or psyllium husk powder.

Pea Fiber III :
Replace with cellulose fiber or soy fiber

If none of these fibers are available to you, leave out the pea fiber and reduce the liquids by about 2-3 tbsp per tbsp of fiber used..

Pea Starch:
If you can not find this starch, you may substitute it with a mixture of potato-, corn- , and tapioca starch, using an equal 1/3 amount of Each.

As far as the ingredients costs are concerned, they are pretty steep as like mentioned before they are no longer easily available.
Pea starch 500g $ 4.99
Pea Fiber III 250g $ 9.99
Pea Fiber 80 250 g $ 12.99

Shipping average $ 15.00-$20.00 depending on where you live, for these amounts.
Pretty steep indeed. I am suggesting to go with the substitutes for now and wait and see, what the distribution efforts bring in the future.

Should you want to go ahead regardless and order, I would need you to send me your complete mailing address and as soon as I would receive products, I could supply you. Hopefully we will find another way. In the meantime we will most likely edit the next print and replace the pea ingredients as it turns out somewhat difficult to obtain. Please try the suggested replacement ingredients.

Thank You kindly

Ted Wolff

So I am going to give the substitutions a try and let you know what I think.  Hope you do the same and let me know what worked best for you.

Happy eats,



16 thoughts on “An update to The Company’s Coming Gluten Free Cookbook

  1. I too have been craving the products in the Company’s Coming Gluten-Free baking and have biin searching on line. Thank you for your post. I am bookmarking your page!

  2. Hi there Rhonda, I came across your blog while searching online for the pea products found in The Company’s Coming cookbook. I will probably attempt some later this month using the replacements but thought I’d check to see if you have any updates or words of wisdom before I tackle this adventure. Thanks so much btw as searching online was a challenging to say the least. Yours in gluten free baking,


    • Hi Rodney, do share where you found your products please. One thing I have discovered is I tend to like recipes that have the addition of both guar gum and xantham gum. I find with just one of them the recipe never feels right. I will be making the french bread recipe in the cookbook this week and will post about it. Please share if you have tackled a recipe. As a follow up to the cookbook I have made the Thumbprint Cookies which are great fresh or frozen btw! And the Jelly Roll is also fab however another bit of caution use an egg you like the flavour of because the sponge is mostly egg you do get a strong egg taste.

  3. Please know that Best Cooking Pulses, Inc. has ‘Best’ Pea Fiber which is the equivalent of Pea Fiber III. It is available on line at and The national distributor for this product is Puresource. As well, the Pea Fiber 80 may be replaced by ‘Best’ Whole Yellow Pea Flour also available as detailed above. All ‘Best’ pulse products are tested for gluten. Thank so much!

    Thanks so much

  4. Thank you so much…. I really would like to publically thank Andrea from Prairie Pulses in Portage la Prairie for helping me in my search for the ingredients.
    I have several questions, though,
    1. Why are these products not available to those who need them instead of just for large commercial companies?
    2. Should we be using the dough enhancer Ted Wolff recommends if we cannot get/use the pea products?

    • I am sorry to say I have not tried the substitions. I had originally thought I would look for the pea products and spoke with people all over edmonton and some pea providers such as Best Cooking Pulses Margaret was most helpful for information and explainations of where the fibre comes from in regards to the pea. However in answer to your first question I did a google search many times over and some people state that the flavour of adding pea to baking has a funny taste. I have not tried it myself so I am hesitant to say either way but I feel after seeing the blogs and postings that this may be why things are not readily available to us. Its just sub par as far as taste. These fibres that are recommended as a substitute which is also the main ingredient of the dough enhancer are also somewhat hard to find. My next stop will be the bulk barn. I would like to try all three variations. One with the pea one with more enhancer and one with reducing the liquid. I have a feeling the reduced liquid will be the winner! I am making the french bread this week will let you know.

  5. I very recently came across the Company’s Coming GF cook book and snapped it up without looking too closely at the ingredients used. I’m happy to share with fellow celiacs that a company in Oakville is a source of the “pea” ingredients and has a substitute for rice lecithin. The company is called N2 Ingredients, Here is what they told me in an email:

    “We carry pea protein ($9.99/kg), pea fiber III ($6.99/kg), and pea starch ($5.99/kg).  We also carry Nu-Bake (16.99/kg) which is rice bran extract and can be used where the recipe calls for rice lecithin.  There is a minimum 1 kg order per product. For shipping, we will have to add it to your bill which must be pre-paid.”.

    They will also soon have available pea fiber 80, but I was told that pea III and pea 80 are “similar enough” that pea III could be substituted in recipes calling for pea fiber 80.

    Happy baking!

    • ‘Best’ Pea Fiber (gluten-free ELISA tested, certified-organic) is available from the new Best Cooking Pulses website: ‘Shop Online’ ( ‘Best’ Pea Fiber may be used to replace Pea Fiber III and Pea Fiber 80. Please be sure that whatever you chose to use has been ELISA tested!
      Regarding pea flour – flour made from the whole pea ha significantly higher fiber, calcium and iron. Milling method affects flavour – not all pea flours are created equal! Thanks so much, margaret.

  6. Hi there! I bought the Company’s Coming Gluten Free cookbook and have enjoyed the recipes I’ve tried so far. But on page 108 there is a cake recipe with no pan size mentioned. Does anyone know the pan size required for this recipe?

    Thank you for any help,


    • My guess is he is using a 10 inch springform pan. Because it bakes for 50 minutes and rises high enough to cut it must be a deeper pan than a regular rounnd. Hope that helps

  7. So glad I googled this. i received the cookbook for christmas and haven’t been able to make much because of the challenge finding ingredients. I’ll use some of the substitution tips and websites mentioned here. Thanks!

  8. I ordered everything from N2 Ingredients, and within three days I had my order. The lady there was really helpful. Their Nu-bake is the rice lecithin used in the enhancer on page 19 of the Company’s Coming Gluten Free Cookbook. I made the sour dough with the starter that lived on my counter for a week, but it came out rather flat tasting and gummy – I made croutons with the rest of the bread tonight, and my hubby is happily munching on those. (We’re both celiac.) I don’t think I let it raise nearly long enough. My next attempt was the Buckwheat bread with poppy seeds. It has a nice flavour but my hubby thinks it’s a little cakey. I’m making the cinnamon raisin bagels tonight – only I’m using Craisins as they’re his favourite – so we’ll see how that turns out. I doubled the sugar , cinnamon and salt though. Does anyone else find the finished products tasting flat? I don’t know why all gluten free recipes/products have so little salt in them. We can have salt, just not gluten (unless of course you have high blood pressure)! I would be interested in hearing what others think of the final products. One other thing – I was really amazed at the minerals that are contained in the pea products! I always thought starches had little or no vitamin/minerals in them. So on with more experimenting from the book.

    • Hi what did you order from N 2 ingredients? I called them and they told me that I could put order but it would be 20 kg bag only. That is way too much.

  9. I also bought the Company’s Coming Gluten-Free Baking cookbook last week and tried to fine the pea ingredients at our local bulk food stores and grocery stores and no one had heard of it. Some of the recipes in the book look really promising and I was hoping to try them out right away. Thanks to all of you who did some research on where to find the products. I will be checking them out, and will be checking this website again to see how your recipes turned out!

  10. I got the cookbooks as a gift and I wished I would have seen this before looking for the “hard to find ingredients”. Like everyone I just decided to try it without the Pea ingredients and not to spend more time looking or for that matter spending more money on gluten free ingredients. Today I made spaetzle. so far not bad….. Just remember to add salt, white pepper and nutmeg to flour mixture. Enjoy!

  11. I received the cookbook as a gift and have been trying to come across some of these ingredients. They are not available in my small town. But he might have the substitutes. But no rice lecithin So i don’t know where I’m going to get that. I’ll try some of your on line companies and see how much it costs to ship to BC

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